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Begins furniture store after the completion of the jaw and by strengthening Furniture highest level of packaging and choose the strongest materials and the longest-lived Ki maintains Furniture matter how long storage period where they are moving furniture into our warehouse, which is specially prepared to receive the finest furniture at all levels where the system and arrangement and specialization for each piece of furniture which have been taken care of in a perfect way incomparable major storage furniture companies in the world and that we are striving to develop this part of our work and research on all new in this world to reach the top in the world of furniture store and Nhaddzq how secure our warehouse process, which is stored Athazqm where the where devices early warning network of children automated and surveillance cameras remotely and Commercial designed gates against acts of theft and vandalism and the presence of escorts throughout the day, not to mention the selection of a suitable site on the high hill away from the floods and rains and natural disasters, God forbid. All this even put Dear Customer between your hands all degrees of safety Ki-honored stores Athazqm Expire more relaxed mind.